21 Days Of Learn and Share #21DOLS

21 Days Of Learn and Share #21DOLS


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What is this 21DaysOfLearnandShare and why I think this will help everyone to make anything new as a habit.

I am 0xViking, a budding developer in web3 and want to learn a lot of things but majority of time I didn't complete learning that new technology which I started.

So this is what I feel the best way(#21DOLS) to make a new habit which came out after some thought process after referencing 100DaysOfCode .

How it works: Pick what ever topic you are planning to learn but never started till now or started but left after few days. Commit yourself to the challenge #21DaysOfLearnandShare #21DOLS on twitter. Later everyday share on twitter what you have learned and the resources that helped you with the hashtags explained later in the article.


  • Tweet to commit to the challenge!

  • Plan: Formulate what you want to work on during the challenge. It might be - coding, new technology, design, sports. Don’t spend too much time planning, but having a plan like this will help you on your path. From today on, for the next 21 days, tweet your progress every day using the #21DaysOfLearnandShare #21DOLS hashtag

  • Work at least 90 minutes per day with a 20 minute learn and 10 min documenting resources for sharing

  • Other than me tag someone else who is willing to learn something new or can support you along with in the journey. He/She can also ask you about the progress to make sure you are accountable for something you started.

So what is the 90 Days thing then? Above challenge is something that helps you make a new habit. Just learning something for 21 days will not make you an expert in it. Then how do you become an expert in something?, Ok to be honest being an expert level with in quite few days won't happen but rest assured you will be in top 1 percentile in the topic you have chosen. Do the #21DOLS in rounds like Round 1 of 21 days, Round 2 of 21 days etc., for at least of 4 rounds. Which makes a total of 84 days, adding the breaks of 1-2 days after each round makes a total of 90 days. This process will help you master any topic and make it as lifestyle.

Official Hashtags you can use for the Challenges:



#R1D1 , #R1D2 ...... #R1D21 -- Round1Day15, Round3Day6 etc.,

#21DOLSweb3 -- Topic you choose


  • You can be accountable to complete the challenge
  • Not only learn, you help others to learn by sharing
  • You can check the resources shared by other which might be useful to you on the topic you choose

Have you implemented the process and succeeded? "To be honest, No, I didn't and here I am committing to this challenge in the topic "WEB3" and tagging thatguyintech to join on my journey"

Credits to #100DaysOfCode - website @ka11awaay for starting this revolution.

This is my first blog, Sorry if there are any mistakes and help me correct if you find any. Thanks for joining me. Hope this helps me and everyone who joins along

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